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The Native Italian Alphabet

This chart shows the names of the letters in the Italian alphabet with pronunciation

click to hear the Italian Alphabet
Letter Name "Sounds Like" Letter Name "Sounds Like"
a a AH n enne EN-NAY
b bi BEE o 0 OH
c ci CHEE p pi PEE
d di DEE q cu COO
e e AY r erre AIR-RAY
f effe EF-FAY s esse ES-SAY
g gi JEE t ti TEE
h acca AHK-KA u u OO
i i EE v vu (or vi) VOO (or) VEE
l elle EL-LAY z zeta ZAY-TAH
m emme EM-MAY

This chart shows Letters from words of foreign origin found in the Italian Language with pronunciation

click to hear the Letters of foreign origin in Italian
Letter Name "Sounds Like" Letter Name "Sounds Like"
j i lunga EE LOON-GA x ics EEX
k cappa KAH-PAH y ipsilon EEP-SEE-LONE
w doppia vu DOPE-PEE-AH VOO (or) i greca EE GRAY-KAH

You can learn more about the Italian alphabet and pronunciation on pages 1 - 5 (page #'s may vary as I have an older edition) of "Ciao", copyright 1986. If you do not own this book, don't worry, it is not mandatory that you do. However, it can be very useful in a lot of ways and if you would like to know more about this book and where to buy it, click on the graphic link to the right or simply go to our online bookstore.
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