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Vocabulary - Some Italian IRE verbs and adjectives

On the left you will see an English word or phrase, on the far right you will see corresponding Italian words

Click on the numeric button that represents the Italian word which matches the English word on that line.

He hears 1. Bello
You enjoy 2. Diverti
Beautiful 3. Sente
Ugly 4. Partite
Y'all leave 5. Brutto

Fast 1. Lento
They lie 2. Veloce
We open 3. Capisco
Slow 4. Mentono
I understand 5. Apriamo

He finishes 1. Vecchio
New 2. Finisce
You meet 3. Riuni
Old 4. Impazzo
I go mad 5. Nuovo

They prefer 1. Bolli
You boil 2. Economico
I cover 3. Caro
Expensive or dear 4. Preferiscono
Cheap 5. Copro

Mean 1.Puliamo
Y'all follow 2. Cattivo
She dresses 3. Gentile
We clean 4. Seguite
Nice 5. Veste

We hear 1. Pigro
He enjoys 2. Diverte
Lazy 3. Sentiamo
I leave 4. Menti
You lie 5. Parto

Y'all open 1.Finiamo
Studious 2. Aprite
They understand 3. Riunite
We finish 4. Studioso
Y'all meet 5. Capiscono

You go mad 1. Bollono
I prefer 2. Preferisco
They boil 3. Impazzi
She covers 4. Bello
Beautiful 5. Copre

Ugly 1. Vestite
I follow 2. Seguo
Y'all dress 3. Brutto
Fast 4. Puliscono
They clean 5.Veloce
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