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Divertente 1 - Week #11

A little demanding

After this class you should;
be able to ask if others can, must or want to in Italian
be able to ask "where is the bathroom" in Italian
be able to say a couple of clean explicative s in Italian
be able to say the verbs to help and to say as well as excuse me in Italian


you can
you must (have to)
you want
I would like
to help
to say
let me (make me)
to know

Printable Vocabulary
Printable large flash cards (English Side)
Printable large flash cards (Italian Side)
Printable small flash cards (English Side)
Printable small flash cards (Italian Side)
basic online exercise
Exercise (Italian to English)
Exercise (English to Italian)
printable crossword


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Class Dialog

Using only the vocabulary we have learned so far, learn how to say everything below in Italian, print it out and bring the printable form of this dialog and be prepared to say the dialog below for one of the person's in class.

Person #1 – Excuse me, are you Italian?
Person #2 – Yes I am Italian, can I help?
Person #1 – Yes you can help. I would like to go to an American restaurant.
Person #2 –You don’t like Italian food?
Person #1 – My goodness! I like Italian food a lot!
Person #2 – Really? But you want to go to an American restaurant.
Person #1 – I like Italian restaurants but I can’t speak Italian well.
Person #2 – No, you speak Italian very well!
Person #1 – I speak Italian so so but I can’t ….how do you say “understand”?
Person #2 – You say “capire”.
Person #1 – I can’t understand Italian well.
Person #2 – I can help. Do you want to go to an Italian restaurant now?
Person #1 – Really? You want to help? You are very kind!
Person #2 – Thank you and yes I want to help. Let me know what Italian food you like.
Person #1 – I want to say thank you. Now I can eat Italian food.
Person #2 – You are welcome. Where do you study Italian?
Person #1 – I study Italian in Rome.
Person #2 – How beautiful!
Person #1 – Yes, I like to study Italian in Rome.
Person #2 – Rome is beautiful!
Person #1 – How do you say “let’s eat”?
Person #2 – You say “Mangiamo”.
Person #1 – Let’s eat!

printable class dialog

Here are a few other resources (if you are interested) that can assist you in learning Italian words and/or phrases!

Have you seen? - Bella Italia!

The Church in Pisa -

From Gary & Faith Pecorella

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Have you heard? - Some good Italian Music

Well, being a teacher of Italian and a product of the 60's and 70's I would be remiss in my duties in exposing you to Italian music and leaving out some old time Rock and Roll so it's time to Rock on with Vasco Rossi!

This and many other
great songs are available on --->

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