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Verb Drills 2 - Lesson 3

Il Trapassato Prossimo

After this class you should;
Know how to conjugate verbs in the trapassato prossimo
Know the difference between present perfect and past perfect (passato or trapassato prossimo)
Know where the trapassato falls on the timeline (how it's identified)
Know when to use the trapassato remoto
Be able to easily recognize the trapassato remoto


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Printable Homework pending

basic online exercise pending
advanced online exercise pending


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Printable Vocabulary pending
Printable large flash cards (English Side) pending
Printable large flash cards (Italian Side) pending
Printable small flash cards (English Side) pending
Printable small flash cards (Italian Side) pending
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useful Italian phrase;

Sogni d'oro!
Sweet dreams! (literally golden dreams)

Class Dialog

Using only the vocabulary we have learned so far, learn how to say everything below in Italian (except anything that may be in " "), print out and bring the printable form of this dialog and be prepared to say the dialog below for one of the persons in class.

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printable class dialog pending

You can learn more about regular verbs in the trapassato Prossimo tense on these pages of the following books.

83 - 85 of the book "English Grammar for Students of Italian" by Sergio Adorni and Karen Primorac, copyright 1995.
293 - 294 (page #'s may vary as I have an older edition) of "Ciao" by Carla Federici & Carla Larese Riga, copyright 1986.
272 - 275 of the book "Italian Grammar Drills" by Paola Nanni-Tate, copyright 2007.
61 - 64 of the book "Italian Verb Drills" (Third Edition) by Paola Nanni-Tate, copyright 2011.

If you do not own these books, don't worry, it is not mandatory that you do unless you were instructed to buy them at the beginning of the class. However, they can be very useful in a lot of ways and if you would like to know more about these books and where to buy them, simply go to our online bookstore or quicker yet, just click on the appropriate book below.

Did you know?

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Have you heard;

Amore puro by Alessandra Amoroso? If not check out this video. I really like unique sound he voice generates and the passion with which she sings and this song follows in the strong tradition of passionate Italian songs. Enjoy!

This and many other
great songs are available on --->

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